Saving electricity can be one of the simplest ways of saving money for your home or business. You can make quick and easy power saving changes across your home or business that will easily reduce your energy bills, lessen carbon pollution and conserve energy.

Here are 9 easy ways to start:

  1. Keep control of your heating & cooling: 
    By simply reducing the cooling and heating temperatures in your home or business by one degree in winter can reduce your heating bill by up to 10%. When possible, open up the blinds on a sunny day and turn the heater down or even off. In the hotter months, setting your air conditioner's temperature just one degree higher can reduce the power it uses by up to 10% which can be significant savings.
  2. Avoid any wastage: 
    You can save up to 70% of total heat loss by closing doors to colder rooms and closing doors to warmer rooms on hot days. Fitting insulation and other products to keep the home cool can also have a significant impact on your bills.
  3. Maximise LED lighting:
    By having a more efficient light, you will save money on your power. The normal halogen light is 35kw, however, LEDs are around 5kw. That is seven times the power being used as in 1 LED light LEDs come in a range of colours and brightness to suit your home or office and offer an extended light expectancy.
  4. Use energy saving features:
    Most electronic equipment now offers power saving options. By utilising this feature can help reduce power up to 10%.
  5. Switch off equipment when not being used: 
    A single computer and monitor left on all day can cost over $200 per year. Switching it off when not in use can conserve energy and reduce your energy bill in no time. You could also fit timers to ensure equipment like lights, printers and fans are turned off overnight. Energy Star computers with a sleep mode use up to 80% less energy than conventional computers, with laptops up to 90%. Setting your PCs to go to sleep mode when they are not in use can save up to 70% of the energy they consume when in full power.
  6. Make sure your equipment & systems are well maintained:
    A properly maintained heating & cooling system should work more efficiently than one that is not maintained. This should save energy and running costs.
  7. Maintain your heating and cooling systems regularly:
    If your aircon or heater is not working at maximum efficiency, it can cost you thousands of dollars per year. By maintaining air conditioners and heaters that are more than two years old, you can save on your annual heating and cooling energy costs.
  8. Invest well in your appliances:
    When purchasing white goods, computers, lights and other electrical appliances that power down after a period of inactivity. Look for the energy efficient rating labels when purchasing new appliances and equipment – the more stars, the better savings.
  9. Get your family involved in the effort to save power:
    Create an energy efficient family by sharing responsibilities like turning off TV's and computers from the wall and ensure everyone is on board in the effort to reduce power usage so you can spend money on things that matter.

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