There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky in your own home, but keeping cool in the Australian summer can be a real challenge. We’ve listed a few ideas on how to stay cool this summer.

1. Cover Windows That Recieve Direct Sunlight

On hot days, sun comes right through uncovered windows, turning your home into a greenhouse. By covering unprotected windows with external shutters or blinds and internal curtains or blinds, you will block out the sunlight and shield your home from the heat. Keep shaded windows open for natural light and airflow (unless you have the air-conditioning on!).

2. Install Air-Conditioning in the Most Lived In Rooms

We all know that feeling of walking into a cool, air-conditioned space on a hot day – heaven! Air-conditioners work in a similar way to refrigerators, by cooling outside air. There are models available for all space sizes and budgets, so whether you’re looking to cool your whole home, or just one room, an air-conditioning unit may be for you. Nothing cools a space quite as quickly and effectively as an AC. See our Summer Sizzler Special Package 1 with 2 free bonuses, below.

3. Install Ceiling Fans to Keep Air Circulating

Did you know that ceiling fans can make a room up to 5 degrees cooler? Fans work by sucking up warm air to the ceiling, so cool air can settle below. They can also help ventilate your home, and work best when windows are left open. Ceiling fans are much safer than standing fans for children and pets, and are very quiet, so they are perfect for light sleepers. Using a ceiling fan outside in a covered patio area also helps keep hot air out of the inside of your home when you have adjoining doors and windows open. Plus, using a fan in conjunction with an air conditioner is the most cost effective and efficient way of cooling a space quickly as the fan disperses the cool air and you can turn the AC to low or off when the desired temperature is reached and save energy. See our Summer Sizzler Special Package 2 below.

Summer Sizzler Package 1: Split System Air-Conditioner 

Take advantage of our hot summer packages with two free bonuses!

Summer Sizzler Package 1

For standard size bedrooms:
2.5kw Mitsubishi Heavy Industry model MHISRK25ZMA reverse cycle split system air-conditioning unit from $1,550 +GST.

For large areas such as kitchen, dining & open living:
7.0KW Mitsubishi Heavy Industry model – MHISRK71ZMA reverse cycle split system air conditioning unit from $2,455 +GST.

Your TWO Free Bonuses valued at $357

  • Your first 12 month maintenance inspection, service and clean. This service is important to keep your unit running at peak efficiency. Normally $104.50
  • Whilst onsite we will also do a 16 point electrical safety inspection on your entire home to ensure there are no hidden dangers. Normally $253.00

Prices are based on standard back to back installation, electrical wiring with up to 10 metres of cable, refrigeration pipe work up to three metres & outdoor condenser unit placed on suitable floor surface. Customised & complex installations may incur additional charges.

Summer Sizzler Package 2: Ceiling Fan Installation – Save $70

Summer Sizzler Package 2

Installation of customer-supplied ceiling fan from $275 (normally $352)
Includes installation of structural timber, fan build & wiring. Price is based on standard ceiling & installation. Complex installation may incur additional charges.

How to Order the Special Packages Before They Expire

Give us a call on 1300 880 761 before 28 February 2015 and ask for Summer Sizzler Package 1 or 2. We’ll do our best to cool you down as quickly as possible!

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