Spring is here folks and not a moment too soon; we cannot wait to dust off the winter cobwebs and get out in that lovely Perth sunshine. Just as your barbeque will need a good clean and your esky a good scrub after hibernating all winter, here are some tips for your electrics to get you home ready for a safe and hassle-free spring and summer 2016.


Let’s start at the most important device in most Perth people’s lives during spring and summer, your air-conditioning. You can imagine some calls we get on the first proper hot day of spring as people turn their air conditioning on for the first time in months and their worst fears are realised. So, avoid that horrible sweat filled moment and turn that air conditioning unit on before you need it, as that is inevitably the day it will crash. What kind of shape is it in? Did it cough and splutter it’s way through last summer? Does the remote still work? When was the last time you cleaned that filter? Don’t get caught out, flick that on switch and make sure your air-conditioning is ready for a hot Perth spring. If it isn’t, get it checked by an expert!

Outdoor lighting

There is nothing better than being outdoors on a warm Perth spring evening with the barbeque cranking, a cold one in hand, surrounded by friends. What’s not great is if the outdoor lights that mean you can see all those friends are out of action, or so old and crummy they may as well be. There are so many options these days for fantastic outdoor lighting that are very affordable that will add style and sophistication to your outdoor area so you can truely enjoy those beautiful Perth spring nights. Once again, checking them now as opposed to when you’ve got twenty people scheduled to come over is a fantastic idea.

Replace those downlights

Before the silly season attacks us and your spring and summer power bills skyrocket, there is a great option to add safety, style and also save you money that we highly recommend, and that is replacing your halogen downlights with LEDs. Not only are those halogen downlights a serious power eater, but they can also be a real fire hazard, getting up to high temperatures while being installed next to flammable roof materials. We did a full blog on the dangers of halogen downlights, click here to read more.

Smoke Alarms

Time to get serious, as we all know in this sun-drenched state, fire is no laughing matter. Coming into our baking hot spring and summer, we need to talk about smoke alarms. All Perth homes, by law, must have hard-wired smoke alarms. For those in older homes, make sure yours are up to date and in good working order. This also applies for those buying older homes, as they should be there the day you move in.

So there you go, a few tips for you to get organised for another beautiful Perth spring. If you need any help with any electrical work to get your home ready for these fire-prone months, click here for more information or call us on 1300 880 761.

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