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Emergency and exit light testing and maintenance is crucial for all Perth industrial buildings and if your buildings’ are in disrepair and not functioning properly, call Limelight Electrix today. If the unthinkable happens and there is an emergency, your business does not want to be responsible for what could be disastrous consequences.

We will:

  • Confirm that power supply has stayed constant for sixteen hours before discharge check
  • Check lamps for unnacceptable level of balckening and replace if necessary
  • Complete full diffuser check clearing any blockages or obstructions
  • Clean all lighting and reflective surfaces every twelve months
  • Simulate power failure and ensure battery and lighting setup is default free
  • Complete replacements or repairs needed within the mandated thirty day period
  • Provide full defect report and complete logbook details required

Call Limelight today to let the experts take care of your emergency lighting needs on 1300 880 761

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