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Since 2008 we have focused on building a business that supports everyday homeowners, developing our processes and systems to make keeping your electrical systems and appliances safe easy and affordable for you. 

The most important electrical work that a safe family home requires is maintenance. Keeping all circuits and systems in good working condition before they fall into disrepair is key to avoiding expensive, and potentially harmful problems further down the line. From lighting fixtures and appliances through to pumps, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, pool pumps and hot water systems, Limelight Electrix technicians have the experience and the knowledge to maintain all the electrical  systems in your home. We provide a free electrical inspection of your entire home to catch any and all issues before they become expensive and dangerous problems

A full Limelight Safety Inspection includes the disassembly of multiple outlets and switches for a full inspection including the wiring that powers those outlets and switches, polarity and open ground checks, connection integrity checks as well as equipment wiring audits. We will check a representative number of devices and if we find any issues we will broaden our review to catch any widespread issues.

We then ensure your switchboard is fully operational and up to current standards, proper installation and functioning connection of your driven ground/earth rod, a full corrosion check and full testing of RCD or other protective devices.

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